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Geek To Geek

Mikki Halpin created the essay “A Girl’s Guide to geek to geek Guys” for Bunnyhop, as well as it rapidly ended up being an Internet standard, getting Mikki an unique spot in geek to geek dom. She was actually managing editor of the on the internet publication Stim; co-founded the traditional ‘zine Ben Is actually Dead; and also has actually created for lots of magazines, featuring Wired, BookForum, Studio Mix, The Independent, and also BUST. She is actually the writer of 2 manuals. She stays in New York City.


New Episodes Every Wednesday @ 7pm Central

G2G S5E4 – – Dig Into Your Backlog – –” A voiceless teacher”

Void is actually holding back the ft while BJ battles to obtain his vocal back coming from the wicked vocal taking health issues. Beej needs to be actually back upcoming full week yet today Void tries to monologue some notions on supplies, an unfilled Q1, as well as some forthcoming incident suggestions.

New Episodes Weekly

G2G S5E2 – – Games of the Decade Part 1 (2010-2014) – “– & ldquo; The very most impactful activity I didn’& rsquo; t play this years & rdquo;


geek to geek Geek Podcaster, founder of geek to geek Geek Media

Previous Seasons

geek to geek Geek Podcaster, founder of geek to geek Geek Media.

Season 4

Where are our team at along with Star Wars right now? Exactly how are our experts thinking concerning it? Gap believes that he is actually regarding all set for a rewatch of the whole entire motion picture set BJ is actually delighted once again after the latest trailer, as well as he is actually finished with the dangerous fandom that penetrates Star Wars right now Books as well as Comics …

G2G S4E43 – – The State of Star Wars – –” The 1st obtained me fired up, this acquired me outrageous thrilled”

Ring Fit! Overwatch! Monster Quest! Dicey Dungeon! Hyperlink’s Awakening? Oh my there are actually a lot of video games therefore little bit of opportunity! What is actually a geek to geek perform?

G2G S4E42 – – Link’s Awakening, Ring Fit Adventure, Little Town Hero, as well as Much More – –” A Snail Victory is actually Hilarious”

All the video games showed up today! Each one of all of them. Each. Coming from the brand-new Link’s Awakening on Switch, the Untitled Goose Game that every person is actually discussing, to Sayonara Wild Hearts plus all of the numbers of as well as lots of Apple Arcade video games discharged in the final couple of times. There is actually a lot of Fall video game launches to go over!

G2G S4E38 – – Link’s Sayonara Goose Arcade – –” Dedicated Honk Button “

In this incident: Void as well as Beej diminish their non-video video game ideal of listing for 2018. Records, motion pictures, TELEVISION, as well as much more are actually all opportunities. Our team deal with the very best of the remainder coming from citation to our best 5 checklists. Features of our Highlights: Oathbringer through Brandon …

Season 3

Void and also Beej diminish their checklists of the wagers computer game of the year.
In addition to all the citation video games they possess!

S3E52 – – Best of the Rest – 2018 –” It is actually certainly not waste like I believed it would certainly be actually”

Void and also Beej possess incredibly various viewpoints of Smash Bros and also all of it appears within this incident. Perform our experts Smash one another? Or even our assumptions?

S3E51 – – Games of the Year 2018 – –” Web Swinging Robot Theology”

Hitman & & Complex Game Systems In this incident: If there is actually everything on the planet Void enjoys, it is actually a sophisticated body that he may find out as well as manipulate in computer game. When he knew Hitman, he entered as well as enjoyed it a great deal, he talented it to Beej so this …

S3E50 – – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – “The Smashiest Smash”

YouTube In this incident: For a considerable amount of individuals, YouTube basically is actually the world wide web. It is actually the planet’s second most extensive internet search engine (alongside Google, obvs), so our company intended to cover exactly how our team make use of YouTube, obtain some fantastic stations around to you fellas, as well as likewise determine what …

Season 2

Career Corner and also Life Transitions In this incident: Our experts are actually each undergoing quite primary lifestyle shifts at the moment, and also our team count on several of you are actually, as well. Our experts wished to cover just how our company’re dealing with all of them to make sure that perhaps your lifestyle may acquire only a little bit of less complicated. Typically …

S2E7 – – & Hitman & Complex Game Systems – –” March-ish “

Best of the Rest 2016 In this incident: Welcome to the Season 1 ending of the geek to geek Geek Podcast. It has actually been actually one hell of a year, as well as our company could possibly certainly not have actually performed it without you alright individuals rearing our company every which way. Our team performed certainly not anticipate the sort of reaction our team’ve needed to the …

S2E6 – – YouTube –” This is actually ENTERTAINING for you ?!”

Best Video Games of 2016 In this incident: Like a fantastic a lot of various other podcasts, our experts are actually getting on the “greatest of” learn, and also our experts’re gon na be actually covering our finest computer game of 2016. Right now this isn’t simply activities that visited this year, yet activities that our company played this year. Our company …

G2G S2E5 – – Career Corner as well as Life Transitions – –” Tuesday evening bike”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story In this incident: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story only launched, as well as our company must perform a podcast on it. Particularly given that our team carried out a beta series recently! What is actually appealing, however, is actually that our experts have actually certainly never differed a lot concerning Star Wars …

Season 1

S1E47 – – Best of the Rest 2016 – – “Get your own self a biscuit as well as listen closely to Hamilton”

Nikolaus Thaller

Nikolaus Thaller // 01. Februar 2020

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